Tips for Writing a Letter of Complaint to your Doctor

Spoonie (3)

My experience with healthcare professionals has been mixed. Occasionally, I will get a doctor who is interested in my condition and is invested in helping me. Most of this time, doctors do not grasp the severity of my condition and are somewhat unwilling to help me. Sadly, over the course of my illness, I’ve had to write many letters of complaint to the doctors who were treating me because I wasn’t receiving a good standard of care. I recently wrote a letter of complaint to my Cardiologist and I am now on a successful treatment programme for my illness. Write your own letter of complaint using my top tips. 


What is a Spoonie?


This is a question that I asked myself when I started doing research into chronic illness. It took me a long time to accept that fact that I had a chronic illness and that I would probably be sick for the rest of my life. The term ‘Spoonie’ comes from Spoon Theory- a metaphor used to describe chronic fatigue using spoons as units of energy. You can read the full article by Christine Miserandino here.